1. porn gifs

    ugh. I hate em. not a fan of gifs in general but if you have porn gifs on your page. I pity you fool.

    gimme a good photo or video any day. Gifs are for kids.

  2. alieneyeball:

    San Juan PR 2012

    The homeowner asked me why I was taking a photo of her house. I replied “I’m an artist”. That always stops people in their tracks.

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  3. alieneyeball:

    left for dead

  4. alieneyeball:

    FUGAZI. Boston. 1992

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  5. alieneyeball:

    Anastasiia Chorna film selects

  6. alieneyeball:

    seashell censors


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  9. ghostfacesylvia:

    Sylvia by Michael Spears

  10. Sylvia

  11. Costa Rica 2014

  12. 2011

  13. pineapple crown

  14. autumn palette

  15. flashy